Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask Review*


A couple of weeks ago a lovely lady called Rachel from cutecosmetics contacted me to test some of Amie skincare range that was soon to release onto the website. Which I must say is worth checking out if you like organic products or want to try the EOS lipbalms, OCC Lip Tars or Butter London Polishes as they stock these on the site!

A product that was sent to me was the Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask that I do believe that a sachet of the mask is free on the site with any Amie Skincare purchase. For a full size 75ml the mask costs £4.95.
Last night both sister, a girl with ‘normal’ skin that’s prone to eczema and I , a girl with normal-dry sensitive skin, decided to try out the mask.

When trialling the mask we first noticed the scent – lime being the most predominant ( much like starbursts). The scent is very pleasant and refreshing.

Thick mask itself is of a thick clay-like consistency that spreads easily around the skin. When applying it, the mask is very smooth and is cooling on the skin as it begins to set.

When It was setting I did notice that in certain areas ( top of my cheeks) and on my sisters sun-burn that the face mask began to make the skin feel sore and stung slightly. I do feel this was slightly due to me applying the mask too close to my eyes and fortunately, this stinging went in a couple of minutes. Also, whilst setting, I did find that skin felt very tight and very hard to move – this I expected as it is a clay based mask.

To remove the face mask I used a warm damp muslin cloth. Although this seemed to take longer than it did to apply the mask – I find this is the most efficient removal method and was relatively easy to remove.

After I had removed the mask I felt that my skin was still slightly tight however it did feel deeply cleansed, smooth and refreshed.
As for blemishes, I can’t say that the mask made any difference to them , expect maybe feeling less sore.

Overall I feel that this mask is great value, I managed to get 2 applications (possibly 3)  per one 15ml  sachet.

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