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As most other bloggers, I am always trying out new make-up, new techniques etc to find new products that work for me. In doing so I have come to discover that products that I used to love just aren't nearly as good as my new products and that I leave them in my drawer as I just don't love them like I used to.

Benefit High Beam

I have always struggled with the application of this highlighter, whether using it's brush, my elf powder brush or any other device. Whatever I do I am never happy with it. There is always a distinctive line of this that I can never blend out, or if I do - you can hardly tell i'm wearing it at all.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW15

I used to use this religiously, under my eyes and blemishes.It has been on almost every one of my favourites post and it wasn't until I stopped using this until I realised what it was doing to my skin. It dries it out beyond belief. I read that you shouldn't use it under your eyes because of this and just left it for blemishes. It continued to dry out the blemish and the skin surrounding where I had used this. Also, when it wears off, it looks cakey and makes even your 'normal' skin look dry and crusty. I have really gone off using this and even when I use a thick moisturiser with it, it doesn't work. Any tips would be gratefully received. 

Collection 2000 Pressed Powder

This powder, again, has been on almost every favourites post since I bought my first one ( and I have bought 3 total since then). Also, like above, it wasn't until I stopped using this that I realised my loss of love for it. I find that when I wear this, my skin feels more oily and greasy ( i think because of the sunscreen in it) than if I weren't to wear a powder. This was fine in the winter but as its getting into summer now, this is becoming more of a problem as I wan't to matte-ify my skin.

I hope you like this type of post. Hopefully I will fall back in love with these products soon! What products have you fallen out of love with recently?? 

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