November Favourites


This favourites has to be my favourite favourites post fro this year. Writing this means..... we are nearing December!!! My favourite month with festivities etc.

Unfortunatelty this post may be quite dull but I want to share with you some go-to's for the month.

No7 Blusher in Soft Damson

Since a couple of months ago, I have really gotten into using blusher and the quality of No7 Blushers are gorgeous. They are pigmented, apply evenly and smooth and have great lasting power.

MAC Studio Finish

I have done an in depth review to this but I love the coverage of this, although can be cakey, is brilliant for blemishes and under eye circles

AVON 8 in 1 Palette

I have had this for ages but never reached for it. After shopping my stash, I put this with my everyday make-up and I have been reaching for it most days, especially the far left of the palette. The colours are extremely pigmented and are very easy to work with.

Front Cover Palette

Again, I have had this since last christmas and hadn't used it. I placed my favourite colours in the palette and have found them perfect for evening wear. They are pigmented and shimmery and compliment each other for a lovely overall look.

Quite a short favourites post from me, although I have still been loving my Collection 2000 Powder and my MAC Moisturecover concealer in addition to these.

What have you been loving this month?? x

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  1. The avon palette looks a lot like Kat Von D's metal ochestra palette!

  2. My most favorite thing in November has been my victories secrets lip gloss

  3. btw I really like ur blog and i just followed u, it would mean a lot if u could cheack mine out i just started :)

  4. I totally agree about the Kat Von D palette! amazing :) also, great blog <3


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