October Favourites


Yes it is the end of the month again and December is swiftly approaching... excited??

This month has been fairly boring as new products go, due to the continuation of the P20 Pan, which I am progressing with rather well if I say so myself!


This month has been the start of my dry lips season. Fortunately, unlike last year, I am prepared and am laden with Lip Balms and Vaseline to aid my troubles. This has a pink tint to it and isn’t as greasy as the standard Vaseline, I think so anyway, and soothes any dryness I have nicely.

MAC Select Moisture Cover

This month has also been the month when dry skin has reappeared in full force, especially under my eyes which hasn’t happened before. This meant that my Studio Finish concealer was too cakey for me this month. Fortunately my Moisture Cover could step in and has worked wonders! I have found that this gives me excellent coverage without looking cakey.

Homemade Eye Primer

I have made a post about this but I have been reaching for this for those lazy days to add a bit of colour to my lids but also underneath eye shadow for those days that I decided to make an effort.

I believe the colour I have hit pan on is either Wheatsheaf or Mink

No7 Eye shadow

If you have read my older posts, you may know that a few christmas' ago I recieved a rather large make-up case full of No7 Goodies. This meant that i recieved over 30 ( I think) eyeshadows from the No7 range ( some which were Limited Edition). The pigmentation varies depending upon the colour, but all are of great quality and have great colour pay off. They can be easily applied to deliver an intense eyeshadow look but are also easily blended for a more natural look.

2True White Eyeliner

I don't use eyeliner on my waterline. Never have done and I don't plan on doing so either. However, I have been using this on my inner tearduct (inspired by Voussontbeauetbelle) to brighten up my eyes and this is definately doing the trick. Making me look more awake.

No7 Blusher

No7 Blushers offer colour that is pigmented but also blendable. Unfortunately, this was from a No7 Kit so this colour is unavailable to purchase but the quality of all the blushers are a great way to use up those No7 vouchers!

Collection 2000 Pressed Powder

I really like this powder. It's pale enough for my skin and provides great coverage, that lasts throughout the day. A great all round powder.

Thats all for this month. Apologies for it being boring... again. I hope my favourites get more exciting in the near future.


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  1. I really need to try p20 pan! And I love no 7 eyeshadow colours- mink & wheatsheaf are my favourites! :) xox

  2. i love vaseline, it's my saviour!
    i've awarded you with the 'your blog is great' award!



  3. vaseline is my all time beauty go to x


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