I have a slight Dry Shampoo addiction.... Wilko Express Refresh Brunete vs Savers Original Review


For those that have read my recent haul post, you may notice that I had hauled some Dry Shampoo's in which I promised to compare in a post for you all.

In this post I will be doing a comparison of two of the Dry Shampoo's photographed above. THe Saver's Dry Shampoo (Original) ( £0.79) and the Wilko Express Refresh Brunette (£0.99).


The Wilkinson’s Dry Shampoo that I tried comes in a ‘Brunette’ shade, therefore being coloured. I find that with this dry shampoo having colour it is less ashy that white dry shampoos but I found that the colour was not always consistent and sometimes applied white, or white with a slight brown hint, and made the hair look ashy. Though this rubs in easily and is then not noticeable.

The Savers Dry Shampoo applies white to the hair and leaves the hair very ashy in comparison to the Wilkinson’s dry shampoo. When rubbing this in, which takes a lot of work, it turns grey and then needs thoroughly brushing out to avoid the embarrassment that many may think you have premature ‘greyness’


The Wilkinson’s Dry Shampoo has a weak pressure (if that makes sense) and means that not much volume is achieved when using it. When I saw that it is ‘weak’ it does not add any volume at all but just applies the product, without weighing your hair down.

The Savers Dry Shampoo is a lot more ‘pressurised’ and leaves your hair with a lot more volume that the Wilkinson’s one does. In saying this, this does not leave you as much volume as the batiste products do.


The scent of the Wilkinson’s Dry Shampoo is very chemically and some may call highly unpleasant. Personally, I could stand the scent, but my sister highly despised it. However, the scent from this does fade and cannot be smelt after application.

The scent for the Saver’s Dry Shampoo isn’t unpleasant nor something to be used as a fragrance. I can stand the scent because it fades, but I don’t think it would be something I would like to linger in my hair.

Ability to absorb oil

With the Wilko Dry Shampoo oil is absorbed quickly and easily and your hair will not go greasy throughout the day.

With the Saver’s Dry Shampoo, Oil is absorbed but it will reappear throughout the day

Amount needed at a time

With both of these Dry Shampoos I find that a lot is needed at a time and will therefore soon run out. I do find though, that the Saver’s Dry Shampoo lasted a few days longer than the Wilkinson’s Product. Both will last approximately 1 –1 ½ Weeks


Overall, I would recommend the Wilkinson’s product the best as it is an affordable coloured dry shampoo that doesn’t let oil reappear throughout the day. Perfect if you don’t need volume too.

The Saver’s Dry Shampoo is perfect if you want a very affordable Dry Shampoo as a quick fix, but hair is left ashy and you can feel the build up in your hair.

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Oooh i've yet to find anything to rival mighty Batiste!! haha maybe the Tresemme one i've heard so much about? going to have to try it out!


  2. Great review, how much do they cost? Would be interested in trying the Wilko brunette one if it's cheaper than the Batiste one! x


  3. I'm addicted to dry shampoo <3

  4. Oh wow I've never tried this before

  5. I've really only tried Batiste dry shampoos but will have to look out for some of these. I've been looking for the Brunette one from Batiste but haven't found it yet!

    Chelle x


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