Stocking up on the 'Essentials'


The second I completed my P10 Pan, shopping was on my mind. I took a cheeky trip to boots, wilkinsons and home bargains and picked up a couple of 'necessities'.

Home Bargains 'Festival' Dry Shampoo -£0.79
Wilkinsons Express Refresh Brunette - £0.99
Home Bargains 'Original Dry Shampoo - £0.79

I have actually planned out a comparison of these affordable dry shampoo's so keep a look out for that.

Natural Collection Loose Powder/£1.99
Collection 2000 Pressed Powder/£1.99

I have just finished my MAC MSF Natural and had no powders left at all in my collection. I don't like to spend a lot on powder usually, my MSF was an exeption, so turned to Boots. They are currently offering 3 for 2 across most make-up and nail polishes so picked up these 3 for £3.98 (£1.99 each).

Thats all! A very affordable haul if I must say so myself! x

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  1. Wow, bargains! I'd love to get my hands on those dry shampoos!

  2. Looking forward to the dry shampoo comparison, I use so much of it I could do with a cheaper one! xx

  3. Just started following your blog!! I love it and I would love to try the dry shampoos :)

    - Sydney xo

  4. Lovely post. I'm definitely going to try the collection 2000 as soon as my MAC msf finishes 2. Thanks for the idea!(:


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