Project 10 Pan


(These are a selection of products I hope to finish during this Project 10 Pan)

I was reading RosieHannahs blog when it hit me. I was going to join her and take part in Project 10 Pan again. I did this during May and felt so cleansed after finishing it. At the minute I feel I have enough Bronzer, Foundation etc to last me through a couple of months so can go without purchasing make-up. This will mean I will spend August and September, most probably, eyeing up future investments and of course I will share those with you.

The products photographed above are some products that I own that aren't the greatest but I would love to finish them up. I'm not one to waste products!

Have you done a Project10 Pan before?


If you would like me to review any of the products viewed above please comment to let me know

Products photographed above (and extras):
L'oreal True Match Foundation
Bionsen Deodorant
Clearasil Overnight Serum
Technic Natural Lashes Clear Mascara
Technic Eyeshadow Quartet
Primark Soufleye Shadow Mousse
I love... Vanilla Lip Gloss
I love... Cocounut Lip Gloss
Colourworks Lip Gloss
No7 Intense Volume Mascara
Colourworks Lipgloss Palette
Colourworks Eyeshadow Quad
Claires White Eyeshadow Pot
Claires Glitter Eye Gloss
NYC Smooth Skin Face Powder
2TrueEyeshadow - Hit Pan
Estee Lauder Powder

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  1. so glad you're doing that! I'm trying to do the same :) Not just makeup but also lotion, shampoo, etc. Anything I can finish before buying a new one. I should post a blog about it one of these days.

  2. You could say that I'm always on a Project 10 Pan because I'm the same, won't buy a new mascara or foundation unless I've finished the previous one. I like these because they motivate me to use up my eyeshadows + lip products so I am able to purchase a new foundation or whatever.

    Yeh you should! I look forward to it! xxx


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