Product Rave: PanOxyl


After watching Sara (SwalkerMakeup) and Gemma's (GemsMaquillage) videos and reading various blogs, I noticed PanOxyl being raved about as a great spot and acne treatment. Over the past few years I have tried various gels and serums to treat the cystic spots and breakouts that have gathered on my forehead.

Now that I have been continuously using one product; I have seen a positive change to my skin.

PanOxyl contains BenzoylPeroxide and works by drying the spot out. PanOxyl advises that you use this once a day, if you do exceed the once a day recommendation you will notice your face getting sufficiently more dry, and that it works the best with a freshly cleansed face.I personally find that this works best left overnight on your skin and on spots that have come to a head. 

When using Panoxyl you have to expect the area it is being used on to get possibly worse before it gets better.By worse I mean that you may have a ma-hoo-sive spot breakout or your skin will get flaky, even if you only use the 2.5% gel once a day.During the use of this you will need to use extra moisturizer, I recommend E45, and you may want to avoid foundation.

Overall I feel that PanoXyl is a really affordable product that works wonders and if you have a pesky breakout that you want come overnight then this is the product to go for.


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  1. oooh where did you get this from? and how much was it? :) xox

  2. I got it from Tesco Pharmacy for £3.17 but it is also availble over the counter at boots.


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