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Apologies for two best and worst posts in a row, I need to find more inspiration (sorry!) for different types of posts - any ideas? - please comment below.

2True are a brand exclusive to Superdrug that, like Natural Collection, retails -3 for a fiver-or £1.99 each. If you're like me you might doubt the quality of products like this but I guarantee that 2True has great some gems amongst it!

The eyeshadow is matte and is very smooth on your eyeshadow. The colours are pigmented meaning a little will easily go a long way but they are also easily blended, or layered.

The lasting power all depends on the colour. I have found with the colours that I have, that the darker, or brighter, the eyeshadow, the longer it will last. The darker colours may last 6 hours whereas the lighter shades may only last 4. This is increased though if a eyeshadow primer is used. 2True claims that this will not crease. This does not crease for me.

These are great if you wish to experiment with colours but not if you want a product that will last all day.

Eyeshadow Dazzler

Of course with all pigments there is fallout,but because these Eyeshadow dazzlers are glitter, fallout can be extremely messy and hard to clean up. Eye shadow primer is definately an essential to ensure that the glitter stays on your eyes and doesn't transfer to your face,hands and area around you.

These are great for a party or a fancy dress outfit but can be a faff for everyday wear as the product gets everywhere, worse than other pigments. Unfortunately not a product I would recommend or repurchase.

Cheek 'n' Lip Tint

Yes we've all heard of Benefit's cheek stains, Benetint, Posetint and the likes but are you aware that 2 True offer a similar product for a small fraction of the price?

2True offer a red and a neon pink cheek and lip stain with the same nail polish application to the Benefit product.

As I am with Highbeam, I dislike applying this product with the brush supplied but instead apply the tint to my ELF powder brush and take it from there. This makes the tint blend a lot easier before it dries. I found that when using the brush supplied, I didn't act quick enough and the tint dried before I had chance to blend it.

I think that these are great alternative to the Benefit stains and if you want to trial with this type of product these are perfect.

Glossywear Nail Polish

The colour I own is No.21, a bright pink, which lives up to the claims and dries to a high gloss finish and dries quicky too.

2True recommend for you to use 2 coats and for this colour it is minimum requirement, 1 coat is far too translucent for me. The consistency of this polish is quite thin, meaning the polish itself won't go gloopy. Some may find this harder to use but I personally think his is an advantage. The brush is on a short handle but is long enough to cover the whole nail which is convenient to use and makes for an easy application.

Once your nails have been painted the glossiness will last and the polish will last on its own (without a topcoat) for 3 days.

Thats all of the products I have tried from the range.


Best:  I think that the best products from 2True are the Lip and Cheek stains and their nail polish.

Worst: Unfortunately I do not think that the Eyeshadow Dazzlers are the best from the Brand

What are your best and worst from 2True?

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