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In trying beauty products over the past couple of years I have come to discover that some are not as good as others and I have ‘wasted’ my money on.

Obviously this is my own opinion and you may be planning on trying or have tried these products and disagree.Please take these as a pinch of Salt and do not trust all that I say as we all have different skin which act better/worse with certain products.


This is a brand I have mixed opinions about. Firstly it is a bummer because it is only sold in gift sets in superdrugs, mostly during the festive season.The brand is great for younger wearers of make-up in which they can experiment which different product types/colours and wish to expand their collection but would not be as great for more ‘experienced’ wearers because of its poor pigmentation and bad colour payoff. I do however like their bronzer, which if sold individually, I would purchase.

L'oreal True Match Foundation
Some may remember seeing this foundation on a favourites post of mine a couple of months ago and since then my opinions have changed. I think I am too lazy with this - and this is noy for the lazy! This takes a lot of blending and even then it just isn't very flattering on my dry skin. This is unlike other MATTE foundations, other matte foundations can look good on dry skin and do not feel really heavy on your face. This does give great coverage and a little can go a long way but for me; there are much better foundations for my skin type. In sayings this,I definately think that this may work better on oily skins as there is no shine in site.

No7 Intense Volume Mascara

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a good mascara. It is not cheap at £11.50 and will lengthen and coat your lashes enough to notice but is very natural. Maybe too natural sometimes, if only one coat is applied, to mistake not wearing mascara, this may be though to your advantage.

Unfortunately though this does not last on your lashes and will rub off during the day, whether it will be because you have physically rubbed your eyes or your eyes have watered slightly. Yes this is expected but other non waterproof mascaras do not do this.

My overall opinion on this is that the waterproof version of this may work better if you are wanting a subtle effect on your lashes.

Chilli Pepper Lip Gloss

Again, this is a brand that you will probably only see in boos during the festive season. This type of lip gloss is so messy and the gloss is not moisturizing, in fact drying, and does not last on your lips. Pointless really

Technic Lip Stick (Pink Lady)– I'm sorry technic. This has made me avoid your lipsticks for good. I had never bought lip sticks before I purchased this, purely because I had enough glosses/balms, but this kept me away from them. The consistency and texture is awful, thick and gritty (because of the glitter – that it doesn’t show on the online swatch!) and shows every single bump on your lips. To get a look you might even start to consider wearing, a lot of blending is needed. I am led to believe other shades are a bit better but you won’t catch me trying.

I love... Strawberry Milkshake Lip Balm

My opinions on this are similar to the Chilli Pepper gloss, although this balm keeps your lips moisturized but not to the standard of my holy grail CHAPSTICK.

I Love … Lip glosses

If you are young and you are enticed to buy a lip gloss to have extremely glossy lips than great. This is for you. If you are one who likes a gloss to have a hint of colour and improve he look of your lips then this is not recommended. Yes, I liked these when I was younger because they smell and taste amazing, but now these are just too much for a sheer/clear sticky gloss.

That is all for now but no doubt I will have another post with more recent products.

Hope this is helpful. Requests please

LilleyMay xx

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  1. i like posts like this :)
    thank you!

  2. I have the I love strawberry milkshake lip balm as well and I dont like it either!!!! xx

  3. Until I tried other lip balms I thought it was great. How things change! xx


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