TAG - 11 Most Reached for Products


I have seen this tag numerous times on youtube and blogs alike and find them helpful so I thought I would share with you my 11 most reached for products.

#1 + #2 Nail Varnish

LEFT - Miners Nail Varnish - LAGUNA LOVE -£2.99

RIGHT - No7 So Smooth Base Coat - £7 (£2 with your £5 No7 Voucher!)

I love both of these because of how natural they look. I rarely wear nail polish on my fingers but always have my toes painted. Both of these can be worn sheer or another coat added to make them opaque. These last for agggeees on my toes but am unsure on how chip resistant they would be on my hands.

#3 CHAPSTICK (Medicated)- £1.83 (often 2 for £2)

Ever since January CHAPSTICK has been my go-to lip balm whether it be the medicated one or Strawberry flavour with SPF. This brand is so reliable and I can totally trust them to soothe and treat my chapped lips ( touch wood they haven't been bad since January now that I have used these)

#4 Natural Collection Body Spray - £1.99 (or any other Body Mist

As you can see from the picture, this has been well used and loved. This type of body spray is refreshing and allows the scent to linger more than an aerosal would. I also love the Soap and Glory mists (£6) and Hollister Body Sprays (£8)

#5 Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Cream £2.99

I have been using this since January and let me tell you.. this pot still has over half left. I actually found when changing my moisturiser to this that some of my skin cleared up and looked more radient. I don't feel there is any point spending more than this on a moisturiser when this does just as good a job.

#6 Sudocrem

As previously mentioned, this is great at reducing facial redness and helps to heal your spots. Really affordable and works very well.

#7 MAX Factor False Lash Effect

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this as it is packed away in my suitcase. I love this as it lasts well on your lashes without flaking and your lashes appear thicker and longer. Just an amazing mascara.

#8 MAC MSF Natural - £18

This I have also mentioned before. It is great on its own if you want a more bare faced day or is great as a light coverage setting powder.

#9 ELF Complexion Perfection

This is great to counteract redness. Worn under or over foundation all redness is gone and you are left with even skintone.

#10 ELF Powder Brush - £3.50

I have done a more in depth review about this. It is great for powder and liquid products and leaves you looking flawless. Its also really dense so product can be well blended.

Last but not least

#11 Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make-up remover pen

I do find his over priced for what it is but it comes in very handy! Its great for little mascara mistakes or eyeliner if you aren't very accurate with the application. If you want a bit more precision than a cotton bud - give this a try.

I hope this post was helpful :D

Lilleymay xx

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  2. great post! I love suocrem it works like magic! I replied to your comment on my blog, hope it helped :)



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